The Quick Start Guide for Teachers

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The Quick Start Guide for Teachers is available in PDF.


The currently available on-line resources from the Quick Start Guide are the


  • compilation to the BBC micro:bit now works off line, based on a new compiler in the web browser. The text and picture below replaces the text and picture on page 10 of the Guide:

How does my program get onto the BBC micro:bit?

For your program to work on the BBC micro:bit, first it has to be compiled. Compiling means to translate a program into a more efficient computer language. When you hit the compile button on the Microsoft Touch Develop Editor interface, your program is compiled into a hex file that contains the machine code in the instruction set used by the ARM processor that is on your BBC micro:bit. Compiling to ARM machine code actually happens in the web browser, where the code from script is joined with the machine code of the micro:bit runtime.