beautiful image lesson


Show LEDs


Year 7

Prior learning/place of lesson in scheme of work

Learn how to show LEDs, to show an image on the BBC micro:bit's LED screen. We will be learning how to Show LEDs using simple commands such as Show LEDs and pause.



  • learn how to display an image on the micro:bit's LED screen
  • learn how to pause your code for the specified number of milliseconds

Progression Pathways / Computational Thinking Framework


  • Uses diagrams to express solutions.(AB)
  • Represents solutions using a structured notation (AL) (AB)
  • Can identify similarities and differences in situations and can use these to solve problems (pattern recognition)(GE)

Programming & Development

  • Creates programs that implement algorithms to achieve given goals (AL)
  • Declares and assigns variables(AB)
  • Selects the appropriate data types(AL) (AB

Communication Networks

  • Demonstrates responsible use of technologies and online services, and knows a range of ways to report concerns Understands how search engines rank search results (AL)

Information Technology

  • Collects, organizes, and presents data and information in digital content (AB)
  • Makes appropriate improvements to solutions based on feedback received, and can comment on the success of the solution (EV)
Computational Thinking Concept: AB = Abstraction; DE = Decomposition; AL = Algorithmic Thinking; EV = Evaluation; GE = Generalisation


Extended Activity