Touch Develop Lessons




  • Magic 8, a fortune teller game with the BBC micro:bit
  • Guess the Number, guess a random number with random
  • Rock Paper Scissors, use image offsets with local variables
  • Counter, display a number with a variable
  • Love meter, create a love meter with on pin pressed
  • Zoomer, measure the force with acceleration
  • Glowing Pendulum, construct a pendulum that glows using acceleration
  • Truth or Dare, a game that forces each player to reveal a secret or do something funny with if statement
  • Spinner, spin the arrow with multiple if statements
  • Die Roll, spin with more if statements
  • Looper, display a series of numbers with a for loop index
  • Strobe Light, develop shapes with a nested for loops
  • Digi Yoyo, create a counter with a while loop
  • Rotation Animation, control an animation with a boolean variable
  • Offset Image, shift an image horizontally with image offset
  • Compass, displays the direction the BBC micro:bit is pointing


  • Digital Pet, a display of pet images with sub-functions
  • Transformers, use functions to return values
  • Speed Button, code a speed game with running time
  • Catch the Egg, catch falling eggs in a basket with an acceleration controller
  • Headbands, create a charades game with a collection of strings that hold the words
  • Prank WiFi, create fake WiFi to trick your friends
  • Jailbreak, break out of a counting loop by pressing button "A"
  • Flipping Bird, use modulo with a conditional
  • Runaway Pac Man, construct the game pac man with the BBC micro:bit
  • Line of Fire, make a game to test hand-eye coordination
  • The Hat Game, make a game to test your focus on the moving ball


  • Pong, a light bouncing from left to right
  • Meteorite, a game where meteorites are coming for you one by one
  • Minesweeper, make a game to test your memory for placing a LED mine then finding the hidden LED mine
  • Bop it, a game where you have to keep up with the commands
  • Letter up, a guessing game with string operators with string at
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