Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

This privacy statement describes how the BBC will process personal information which it collects from you in connection with BBC micro:bit.

Information the BBC collects about you

For Signed-in users:

(an educator who has been supplied a BBC micro:bit registration code to register onto the micro:bit website):
You can register with BBC micro:bit using the following identity providers:
  • Microsoft Live
  • Google (coming soon)
  • Office365
  • Facebook;
which we are going to refer to as ‘ID Providers’ here.
From the ID Provider we collect:
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Provider ID (the unique identifier provided to us by your ID Provider to allow you to sign in)
  • Display name (typically your first name);
when you register with BBC micro:bit. We advise not to use full name as a display name for protection of your and children’s personal data.
If your profile with the ID Provider contains more personal data and this data is provided to us, the data will be deleted and will not be retained by us. You will not need to modify ID Provider’s privacy settings to use BBC micro:bit.
BBC micro:bit retrieves your data from your ID Provider and, by agreeing to the micro:bit’s Terms of Use, you are confirming that this data is accurate and will be kept up to date.
Before using one of the above ID Providers to log in to BBC micro:bit, you should ensure that you are happy to agree to the terms and conditions of the ID Provider and their use of your personal data in accordance with their privacy policy.
These are different to the BBC micro:bit's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use; specifically, the ID Provider may use your information for their own business purposes.
As part of usage of the website, we also collect your computer’s IP addresses (an IP address is a number that can uniquely identify a specific computer or other network device on the internet) and any device identifiers (values that could uniquely identify a specific device on the internet) supplied by your browser.
If you publish a script then other users may modify that script and save it as a file for their own purposes. This file will include script information such as the script identifier of the published script.
We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the BBC micro:bit project. If you cancel your registration as a BBC website member and your account is deleted, while the BBC cannot use the personal information, some personal information, such as registration details and your contributed material will stay on the system for a period of one year for administration purposes before being deleted automatically.

For all users:

As part of usage of the BBC micro:bit website, we also collect your computer’s IP addresses (an IP address is a number that can uniquely identify a specific computer or other network device on the internet) and any device identifiers (values that could uniquely identify a specific device on the internet) supplied by your browser.
The BBC micro:bit website allows users to author their own programs, save them (outside of the BBC micro:bit website), and compile them, so that they can then be uploaded to a micro:bit hardware board. The BBC prohibits putting personal information about yourself or others in these programs, for example a name of a living person, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses to avoid these details being shared or published.

Use of cookies

The BBC micro:bit website uses various technologies on your computer to store and retrieve information to provide you with the best experience on our website. For more information, please see our Cookies Policy.

How the BBC Uses Information About You

(i) signed-in users

  • We need your display name to show beside any programs you have published and on your public page where these programs are listed.
  • The BBC uses your full name and email address to contact signed-in users in the event of any moderation or administrative issues relating to your published content.
  • The BBC uses your ‘Provider ID’ to allow you to log in to the site with your chosen ID Provider.
  • We store your IP address for audit log purposes: for example, if we change your password we would store your IP address alongside that. We store those encrypted and they are deleted as per the data retention policy described earlier.

(ii) all users

  • We need your IP addresses and device identifiers to block disruptive use, to identify problems with the service, to determine if you are accessing the service from the UK or not and to be able to pass to authorities if required where there are concerns such as, abuse or illegal activities.
  • The BBC shares personal data of all users with other companies who assist us in providing the BBC micro:bit and evaluating its use. For example, building of the BBC micro:bit website, storage of your data or evaluating micro:bit and its use. The BBC does not allow those companies to use your information for any other purpose.
Signed-in users can edit their personal data displayed on the website via their user page.

BBC micro:bit app for mobile phones and tablets

Bluetooth connection:

When you use a mobile phone or tablet to communicate with a BBC micro:bit this creates a private Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection between the two devices. Your micro:bit device will be emitting a unique ID to connect with a mobile device of your choice. This micro:bit ID might be visible to others with a Bluetooth connection. You can power down your micro:bit if you don’t want to emit an ID. No personal information is shared between the devices.


The phone or tablet and micro:bit can be used to control each other, we strongly recommend only pairing with a phone or tablet owned by somebody you know and trust. In the event that you wish to delete a pairing from the phone or tablet select ‘Forget’ in the Bluetooth settings. To delete a pairing from your micro:bit, connect a micro:bit to a computer using a USB cable and flash a new script to the micro:bit, this will delete pairing information with all previously connected devices.

Disclosing personal information:

Avoid inserting personal information in your scripts. Do not send your personal information from your mobile phone or tablet to your micro:bit e.g. your name, email address, phone number or home address.

Remote control:

A connected micro:bit can control and be controlled by a phone or tablet e.g. a micro:bit can be used to remote control a phone or tablet’s camera or video. No data is collected by BBC when using your phone or tablet remotely via a micro:bit. Do not record or photograph others without their permission.

Sharing statistics:

The BBC micro:bit app collects information on how you use the app. This information does not identify you. The BBC will only use this information to analyse and improve the services offered through this app. To opt out of sharing statistics with the BBC, uncheck the box in the side menu on the app.