House Rules

Create code, share scripts, stay safe

• Don’t use your full name or social media handle in your log in id.
• Don’t reveal any personal information about yourself or others in your script, comments or feedback, such as your full name, phone numbers or email addresses, as it might put you or someone else at risk.
• No nasty, offensive or rude comments. Sharing your opinion is fine as long as it is said politely and fairly, but being mean, bullying and/or causing arguments is not allowed.
• No swear words or other content that is likely to offend or cause distress, including racist, sexist, homophobic, disablist or sexually explicit content.
• No links to inappropriate or offensive content.
• No unsuitable films, bands or TV shows. Children aged 11 will be using the site. This means you cannot refer to certificate 15 or 18 films and games, TV programmes shown after 9pm, or bands that use bad language.
• No foreign languages. Unfortunately we can't allow scripts or text written in a language that isn't English or Welsh. Everything that is published on the site will be post-moderated and we can’t accommodate any other languages at this stage.
• No spam or advertising.
• You cannot use this as a platform to try to advertise or promote commercial products, or political campaigns.
• Don’t impersonate someone else.
For further information on internet safety go to:
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