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Returning Faulty micro:bits

Please note: micro:bits purchased from a retailer are not handled by the micro:bit team. Please get in contact with the retailer for their policies on returns and exchanges.

If you think that your micro:bit isn't quite right, it's important do the following:
  • Unplug it from the power source.
  • Take it to your teacher and describe the problem.
  • If there's a fault, your teacher should replace your micro:bit from the additional stock we have sent to your school.
  • During holiday periods or if your school is unavailable for long periods, take your micro:bit to your parent or guardian instead.
The micro:bit is like any other electronic hardware and can become faulty - even though this is extremely rare for new units.
As such, we have sent you between two and 10 additional micro:bits surplus to the number we were asked to provide when you registered.
When a pupil reports a faulty board please could you do the following:
  • Make sure you don't accidentally use the faulty micro:bit (please mark it to identify it). If there is even a vague chance that the micro:bit is faulty we'd like to remove it from circulation.
  • Ask your student to describe the fault and note it down.
  • Replace the micro:bit with one of the extras we have sent you.
  • Write to the micro:bit support team support.microbit.org and describe the problem - they may be able to suggest a fix or give you instructions on the steps to take if the micro:bit is definitely faulty.