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Code Kingdom

One environment for graphical 'drag and drop' and text-based programming. Perfect for beginners, experts and transitioning from blocks to typing.


A graphical, drag and drop code editor, where coding blocks snap together.


A flexible, text-based programming language, which comes with a BBC micro:bit library of commands installed.


An easy-to-learn programming language for everyone, from kids to teachers to professional software engineers.

Choosing the right editor for you

Here's a little more information about the different editors you can use

Microsoft Blocks editor

The Block Editor is a visual editor and provides an introduction to structured programming via drag and drop coding blocks that snap together. You can also convert a Block Editor script into a Touch Develop script which helps with the transition to text-based programming.

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Microsoft Blocks editor screenshot
Microsoft Touch Develop screenshot

Microsoft Research touchdevelop

With its touch-based interface, Touch Develop has been designed for mobile devices with touchscreens. It can also be used with a pc, keyboard and mouse. Touch Develop introduces a statically-typed scripting language with syntax-directed editor. It can be used to produce web-based apps that can run online on any platform.

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Code Kingdoms

Code Kingdoms is a visual JavaScript editor. It has a drag-and-drop interface making it accessible to beginners. You can also change from the visual editor to a text-based editor which supports the transition to text-based programming as the learner’s coding skills progress.

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Code Kingdoms screenshot
Python screenshot


MicroPython is a completely text-based editor, perfect for those who want to push their coding skills further. A selection of 'snippets' are on hand to help auto-complete trickier tasks and a range of premade images and music are built-in to give you a helping hand with your code.

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