Get Ready for the Big Food Survey

Thank you for taking part in The Big Food Survey! You can still use the survey in science or maths classes to explore data gathering, food and nutrition and data analysis.

A detailed user guide and question list for The Big Food Survey is also available as a .docx to provide some extra assistance.

Tip 1: Get your Firmware and Survey files (if you haven't already)

If you've not already tried out the Big Food Survey script, you can still give it a go! Head to the Big Food Survey download page to find out how to download and install all you need to do the survey.

Tip 2: Try out our Big Food Survey Lesson Plans

Whether you've taken part in The Big Food Survey or are checking it out for the first time, these lesson plans we've written can give Key Stage 3 Science fun additional content around Food and Nutrition.
Have the class try out the survey first, then unpack their feelings about the questions asked with these lesson plans.

Energy Drinks vs Water

A company want to sell their new energy drink, Brain Fuel, to secondary school children, and wants to advertise it at your school. Discuss the nutritional benefits and drawbacks of energy drinks against drinking water in this fun discussion and debate lesson plan.

Snack Attack

What do you snack on between meals? Is there such a thing as a 'best snack'? Get the lowdown on what nutrition we get from different types of snacks and discuss if there's one that's truly the best.

Tip 3: Know your controls!

You wouldn't play a video game without knowing the controls, right? Getting familiar with how the survey works now will save you some stress on the big day.
Whatever you're doing when using the survey, the controls remain the same. The A button will scroll through different options and the B button selects that option.
If you've been asked a question but didn't catch what it said, give the micro:bit a shake (without pressing any buttons) and it will ask the question again.
If you forget the controls or what any of the icons used in the survey mean, we have a handy mini cheat sheet available to download.
Graphic of various modes in the Big Food Survey

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Still a bit nervous about taking part? That's okay, we're happy to help! Click here to read up on our Big Food Survey FAQs.

One more important thing to bear in mind...

(Okay, it's a few things. But they're definitely important!)
Please ensure that you have read and understood the BBC micro:bit Terms of Use and the BBC micro:bit House Rules in addition to this page.
If you are a teacher, please ensure that you do not include contributions from children whose parents have informed you that they wish to opt out their child using the BBC micro:bit services.
Participation in the Wellcome Big Food Survey involves providing anonymous responses to a series of questions that the BBC asks. All contributions are anonymous and the Wellcome Food Survey will never ask for answers that could make you individually identifiable.
You agree that the BBC and its sub-contractors, the University of Lancaster and the Wellcome Trust can receive, hold and make onward use of any data that you submit to the Wellcome Trust Big Food Survey. The anonymous data collected will be made available to the public after the Survey is completed.