Take part in The Big Food Survey with your BBC micro:bit

Ashley Roberts with several children, using the Big Food Survey

Invite your class to sink their teeth into The Big Food Survey!

Team BBC micro:bit has teamed up with the health research charity the Wellcome Trust on their latest project, The Crunch. Teach your class about organising experiments, data processing and data analysis with the Big Food Survey activity and lesson plans.
Below you'll find instructions on how to download and set up the Big Food Survey micro:bit program and how to use it, along with additional lesson plans to look deeper into food and nutrition, interpreting data and best practices for designing experiments.

What's on the menu?

Let's get started, shall we? Click the icons below to jump to that page.
Ashley Roberts making salad

Download your Survey!

Download your firmware and survey files and learn how to install them here. Click here to view the Survey Downloads.
JB Gill gets ready for The Big Food Survey

Use the Survey in class

The Big Food Survey makes a great supplement in science or maths classes. Click here for some getting started tips.
Anabelle plays with the micro:bit

The Dumping Ground tries the Survey

We visited The Dumping Ground to find out the food secrets of the cast. Click here for our Dumping Ground sneak peek.
A can of BRAIN FUEL Energy Drink

Energy Drinks vs Water

A hungry man looking into his fridge

Snack Attack

Hungry for more? Try this Science lesson plan about comparing nutrition. Click here for the Snack Attack PowerPoint and Snack Attack Teacher Notes here.
Two students work on an activity together

Brilliant Breakfast

One more course for you - Try this Maths and Statistics lesson plan representing data. Click here for the Brilliant Breakfast PowerPoint and Brilliant Breakfast Teacher Notes here.